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Mar 3, 2014

It's been DONE...

I know I have been planning to whether or not, get this blog its own domain name. It’s been at least more than 10 years now that I’ve been thinking about the idea; however, the plan did not pursue due to my bio-polar decision. The fear of losing my Pagerank is one thing, nevertheless; today I set those doubtful thoughts, and proceed with the plan that was left behind many years ago.

Today, without thinking about those doubts it has finally done. I purchased my own domain for this blog and hopefully to have more task to come. I’m finally happy and finally settled with the domain name, been thinking about what will be nice and hopefully this will work out. 
proof of domain purchase

from self hosted to my own domain

14 freaking comments:

Congratulations on your new domain. I have learned how to do this a few weeks ago hehehe.

Good for you! I am still on the fence...

No wonder the name has changed, I love the new name. Congrats! I am sure you will get your rankings back just like mine.

Yaye! Congrats. I was like that two before I finally purchased two domains for my two blogs. Good luck to more opps in the future!

Nice move! Congrats! Cheers to more blogging year

Congrats own your new domain. I am also in a bind wheteher to keep one of my domain. Medyo pricy na kasi at few opps na lang.

congrats! finally! cheers to you dear! hope to see more good article from this blog!

Congratulations on your new domain! Looking forward to more and more posts from you. (-Eileen Layno)

Here's to more blog opportunities now that you already have your own blog domain. Cheers! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

Congratulations! Now I have been thinking of cancelling some of my domains lol.

congratulations, Nova, wishing you more blog opportunities

Congrats with the new domain, Ate Nova! :) Wishing and praying for more opps to come!

Here's to more blog opportunities for you!

10 years is absolutely a long time to think and actioning on the matter. Congrats and more online blessings your way!

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