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Mar 25, 2014

DIY Super Mario Brothers Birthday Decoration

Whenever there is a Special Occasion that I’ll be hosting, I often look for great possibilities that aside from the food, I’m preparing my guests and family will enjoy the theme I planned. Just for instance, our son’s 4th birthday last February, he wanted to have the Team Umizoomi theme unfortunately, that was his theme last year while we are in the Philippines and I cannot just repeat the history itself. It should be a different theme this year.

Perfect timing that he was into Super Mario Brothers because of the new 3D party world Wii U Nintendo Game his father bought last Christmas. He must find it very entertaining and so his into this famous Nintendo Game and Characters.

Streamers and the hanging stars, coins and mystery box

The wall Birthday Streamer

I don’t want to spend more money towards the decorations as a result; I searched through Pinterest the ideas on doing it myself. Lucky enough as the famous characters, I did find many options to have this themed party possible and inexpensive.

Created my own tweak characters and make sure that the 4 famous colors in the game are visible in the decorations. It only took me half day for everything, it turns out great, and I’m glad our son enjoys the DIY decorations.

It took me a month before my son agrees to take the decorations down. However, those hanging stars, coins, and mystery box were still up in our living room until now.

6 freaking comments:

Awesome! We did Mario before and I made the cake too! Our son loved it! I just couldn't find the mario plates and napkins so we had to use toy story lol

Great job Mommy on doing it yourself and saving money!

I always search on Pinterest for great ideas for party decorations. The decorations came out great and I hope he enjoyed is birthday party!

It's always nice to do the DIY project as it will really save you a lot of money plus you can customize the way you want it. Great job, mommy! :)

My youngest is turning one and I am currently looking for birthday decorations. He is into Yo Gabba Gabba. I will check Pinterest if they have some. You did a great job, I love it

You know you did a great job with the decorations when your kid won't let you take them down.

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