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Feb 10, 2014

What is he up too

We are both bored waiting for our father to get inside while he was fixing his tire pressure. It was probably single temperature again that time, that’s why we have to double bundle to keep us warm. As the mother, who is I is bored I took a snapshot of my adorable son in the back. Glad it turns out great as he has been too quick to just hide himself, it’s probably too late for him to notice. Don’t really know what he was putting in his mouth that time, could not remember. Kids can be too sneaky most of the time. I’m glad he was just behaving until the father was done with the tire.

4 freaking comments:

He's probably wondering why you're taking a photo of him instead of helping! ;)

Awwww what a well-behave kid you have there!@

I sometimes find myself sneaking just to take pictures - not because my little one will hide her face but because she'll be making faces at the cam and totally ruin the shot.

I agree. Kids does the craziest things and put's the weird tings in any facial orifice. Just like my daughter did the other night, a raisin up her nose. :P

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