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Feb 27, 2014

The Super Mario Brothers Cake

We always give in to our kids' request during their Birthday. We asked our son what would he want for his birthday and he simply said “Nothing”, but he would like to have a Team Umizoomi birthday cake, I could not give it again as it was his last year’s theme. I figured out that since he is into Super Mario lately, it would be a perfect theme for him this year’s birthday. The husband and I went to the store to see if we can find one, gladly we tried another store where my husband’s co-worker mentioned had good cake. We never tried that place and so we went there to get our customized cake, the baker has to make sure it’s not 100%, Nintendo license so she needs to tweak it a little bit. As for my toppers, I ensure to get them on Amazon and grateful got them before our son’s birthday. In addition, for the price of the whole cake, wasn’t bad at all. The only thing I’m not happy is the frosting, we choose butter cream so it won’t be too sweet and marbles so the mixture of chocolate and vanilla is even, I say I’m quite happy. 

5 freaking comments:

I think she did a great job for having to watch licensing issues! I bet your son was thrilled!

Love the cake! This is alot of fun for the Mario fan!

I think the cake looks darling. I would like to see the smile on your son's face when he sees his special caske.

He's a Super Mario fan talaga no Mommy, that's a nice looking cake.

Wow, it is so cute that I don't want to eat it. The baker did a good job but sorry about the frosting. I would be disappointed too

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