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Feb 6, 2014

It's his Birthday, Greet him...

Someone is having a Birthday! I’m sure he might not be as excited now, but sooner or later when he gets older and have more friends and cousins to come on his special day he eventually gets thrilled whenever it’s his Special Day.
this was an old photo, his last year's birthday celebration in the Philippines

As for now, the only thing that our son was so excited is his Birthday Day and the ice cream. Of course, he won’t eat the cake instead licked and ate all the frosting on his cake. And one more thing, he knows that everyone is going to sing to him a “Happy Birthday Song” and he gets to blow the candle by himself too. Other than that, he might not be that excited. I don’t know, I really can’t tell about what my son’s reaction during his birthday on this very early age.

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Happy Birthday little boy :) time flies swiftly, sooner or later he will be a big boy and already be requesting for something on his birthday hihi

Happy Birthday buddy! Make mama proud! God Bless you.

oh, happy birthday to Chaos Novs, am sure he had fun licking all the icing on his cake and having lots of ice cream :)

Happy birthday, little dude! Ice cream and cake, yey! I'm sure he will have a blast

Happy birthday Chaos, may God give you good health all your life.

Happy Birthday buddy!!! I am sure when you're a little older, you'll be more excited and will have more friends to play with during your party!

Happy birthday Chaos!

He may not be that excited now, but if he had fun and enjoyed the ritual (licking the icing and all) that is all that matters di ba?

awwwwww...belated happy birthday little man! how nice that he got to celebrate his last birthday in pinas.

Happy, happy birthday handsome little boy! have fun blowing your candle and licking the icing of your cake. :)

Happy birthday! Enjoy your day! Your parents love you to pieces and I wish you all the blessings of wisdom and strength so that you may grow up to be a responsible young man.

happy happy birthday to the cutie little guy! hmmm the sound and sight of cake is awesome for kids! :)

Happy happy B-day I hope your having fun!

Happy birthday big boy! Ah... I am sure he will get lots of present son his special day! Unsay handa Novs? Ma-mirtday mi! Lol.

Happy birthday handsome C :-) hope you had a fun and wonderful birthday :-) Sorry Tita Jess missed your birthday :-(

Happy birthday little boy! More blessing to you and hope you had a blast on your day.

Belated happy birthday little boy! :)

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