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Jan 17, 2014

When kids are too tired

When kids slept too late and woke up too early, this is what happened to them when they started to get grumpy in the afternoon. Kids have to be stubborn when they think they aren’t tired and as the parents insisted they should take a power nap they thing they don’t need it. The next thing you knew, they are throwing tantrums, then the next they’ll cry, and then, you wonder why it seems to be so quiet at home. The next thing I know, he falls asleep on the same spot where he has been whining.

What did I do? Nothing, let me wear out crying, eventually kids do get tired and when they will sleep they will. 

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That happened to my kids too. That's why if they want to cry, let them cry and they stop on their own.

I remember when my 2 kids were still babies /toddlers. If I am busy cooking I just let them play until they get tired, and fall asleep.

I totally agree - my niece will sometimes have her own tantrums and they will tell me - let her be - she's just sleepy loL!

I guess it's just best to wait for them to tire out than force them to sleep.

Reading with them also helps in getting them to nap.

My kids get cranky when they are sleepy. I read books to them to help them relax

Aww, poor little kiddo. He must have zapped out his energy reserves. :) When my daughter was the same age as your kid, she'd also fall asleep anywhere as soon as her energy level was maxed out. One time, I even saw her sitting in her poop trainer dozing. :)

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