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Jan 3, 2014


They were used to be toddlers before I moved in the USA, and now after not seeing them physically for about 4 years, it seems like everyone has grown up nonstop. I know that everyone grows and so is this little girls that are now teenagers. 

It is pretty funny to look at them and you reminisce your past while you were at their age. Teenagers could be fun and sometimes frustrating to parents, cause during this time, they've changed emotionally and physically. And as parents, we need to ensure we understand them, as we have going through this stage before. 

I stole this photo from one of the teenagers profile on FB, I assume sharing it here would remind me of myself during my teenager days. 

5 freaking comments:

They grow up fast, huh?! Soon I will have two teenage boys...yikes!

it all goes so baby is about to graduate High School in June.Wish you could slow it down,but the teen years are rough

i still can't believe i have a teenager where does the time go

Time flies and it's amazing how the love ones we once knew are now grown.

It is funny to see how fast people go from little kids to big and bossy teenagers. Sometimes it seems as if it is overnight.

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