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Jan 7, 2014

Nieces in Compostella Valley

The finest thing that ever happened to me is to have my own son. I've always adored kids ever since I was a little girl. I remember when I was little we were playing 'bahay-bahayan' [family like] at home with my cousin and I usually am the ‘mother’. I love to instruct kids on how to write and taught things, I even dreamed to be a teacher so I could be around little kids all the time whenever I am not at home. 

Things changed as I grew up, my dreams of becoming a teacher didn't come true as I choose a different path. Nevertheless, I was so blessed to be surrounded with full of love of my nieces and nephews. I got to hang out with them anytime I want and it is so much fun; it feels like I am a child again, whenever I’m with them. 

The sentiment of being an innocent is amazing, and I hope all adults would have a childlike ways too especially when it comes to forgiving and forgetting. If you have noticed kids cry a lot, they get so mad at us if we correct them the wrong things. However, they can easily forget us and forgive us in spite of what we did. Having a pure heart would be a wonderful thing to keep.

I’m pleased for the blessings I have, the wonderful job I’ve ever had was being a full time mother. Some might think I can’t do anything because all I do is to watch my child, but totally WRONG, I have the best job ever and a superb husband to support us. Why the best job? Because I can always be with my child 24/7, the feeling of contentment as a mother, laughter, frustrations and more are just the emotion I enjoyed. 

7 freaking comments:

You are truly blessed and I lucky lady!

Sounds wonderful mommy. You truly are blessed. God is good.

I have nieces and nephews from my cousins but my siblings are still single and my husband is an only child. But nevertheless, I love the nieces and nephews I got from my cousins.:)

There is something wonderful about being a mother that exceeds all expectations.

I agree 100% and can relate to you as a mother! It' s a priceless job in the world.

Parehas pala tayo, I once dreamed of becoming a teacher when I was a kid but took a different path for a career.

what a blessed lady you are

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