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Jan 5, 2014

A good snacks for kids from #LovewithFood

This the December VIP Holiday Box from Love with Food sent to me for another wonderful opportunity to share with my fellow bloggers and readers. I have a great time learning about the individual snacks along with the description card in the box. Mostly, I love the red tote bag, it came with it and it's bigger than the ordinary tote bag we have. 

I mostly eat few of the snacks and share it with my little man of course, we love few and there are some that was just okay. I assume the flavor is new to us, however readings it's ingredients are all healthy for a good snack. 

7 freaking comments:

love with food products are healthy and most are organically grown, i want to try it also :)

Most food that's healthy I think it takes a bit of time getting our taste buds to adjust to them. I find that to be true based on my experience. I'm not surprised this may be true with you too.

I like their healthy treats!

Those snacks looks crunchy and delicious Mommy N :-)

Love with foods, first time to hear about it, but it seems healthy naman judging by the comments I've read.

That is a good year to start a very healthy food.... Good for you sis and your family as well.

Yum! That all looks good! :)

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