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Dec 15, 2013

Will he write his name?

We usually get so proud with our kids when they started to write letters in an early age. We even bragged it more to our family and friends when we noticed that our kid started to write their own name. This here, was one of the days that my son likes to scrabble and so I gave him a pencil and his writing paper. I don't like to get caught while he is writing as he doesn't like me to picture him. 

In short, he did write his first name, I still have a long way to go to teach him how to write. And because he gets so bored easily, I never pushed him. As long as he does it as much as he can it will be an advantage for him when it is time for him to go to school. 

Another thing too for parents, we need to be more patience with our kids, for we just can't just force things with them, as they are adjusting into this big transitions in their life. Hang out and play with them but at the same time we know that they are learning would be a great help for them. 

2 freaking comments:

Everything starts from something even how little it is. Way to go!

That is awesome that he is starting to scribble or write stuff.

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