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Dec 3, 2013

Why get a home warranty

We the homeowners would like some help from those who knows everything then it comes to our home appliances. We can’t tell when our equipment or appliance works and when would it needs to be fixed, sometimes they just unexpectedly malfunction due to normal wear or tear. If we have a pool for example and some unexpected repair needs to be made, this is where we call home warranty for some expert help and maintenance. It is best that we have a find a place to call that we know could provide us more than what we expect.
Therefore, that is where CHW of known as Choice Home Warranty is. To rescue those homeowners and renters the satisfaction as well as the help we need from them. Choice Home Warranty would help us with their service against the unexpected things that needs service of repairs in our home appliances. This is the best way to save as well as a good investment to save unexpected appliance problems.

Sounds great right, you should visit their website and check their INC profile to learn more. 

4 freaking comments:

great adviec and we have a home warranty just in case

I never thought about a full warranty on your house. Insurance is common but warranty is new to me.

We don't have one but it's a good option.

I'm not a homeowner but I will for sure consider having home warranty in the future.

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