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Dec 11, 2013

He loves Oo-tap

I always missed the goodies back in my hometown, which I always keep repeating whenever I have to post these goodies a good blogger sent us. I am very grateful that a very generous blogger that I’ve known through blog for a long time sent me the goodies that I’ve been longing.

My son started to love this Ootap as what he read it and getting addicted. I tried not to eat the whole pack for just one day. I want it to last longer and enjoy Otap as much as we both can. 

7 freaking comments:

I also love Otap biscuits as they are just the right amount of sweetness.

oh it has been a while since i ate an otap, i am glad your son loves it too :)

Wow, it has been a long time since I ate otap they are yummy!

Yum, I wish I can have some otap right now.

otap is yummy and I understand why your little kiddo likes it. :)

I love Otap too. And I won't share when somebody gives that to me, haha. So yummy!

I love it too. We can buy a pack here but it's very expensive.

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