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Dec 1, 2013


Depending on how we say that expression there are so many meanings to it. You might be wondering why, I have brought this as the heading. This is related to my son’s new addition to most of the sentence he said. I have observed it just recently this morning [Sunday] while we are rushing towards the kitchen. Mentioning it once is not okay, thus I’ve heard the “ha” word at the end of each sentence. It does sound funny and weird when you listen how he added one word by the end of his sentence, but because you know that every day your child is learning and trying things on his own it is something you kinda be proud off.

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I can totally relate!! My son is exactly the same (he's 7) and I'm taking a wild guess that he got it from my grandma cause she is also always saying the world "Ha" after a statement or question. It's kinda cute but also a little bit irritating cause it sounds as if he's mocking me sometimes lol.

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