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Dec 22, 2013

First Day of Winter

Today as what the Calendar says would be the FIRST DAY OF WINTER. I have noticed that we are on you 57 degrees Fahrenheit, rainy and very windy this morning that woke me up because of the gashing wind outside. I can hear the sound of the wind in our bedroom that helps me to woke up early. 

Anyways, might be the last temperature to reach the 50s before we proceed to lower and colder weather until winter will be over. So for those who doesn't like snow today is the perfect time to stay outside as it isn't that cold but yet wet. 

6 freaking comments:

We had 60s on the first day of winter. I know it's fixing to really drop though! Welcome Winter!

It is in the 80's here, I am hoping it cools off for Christmas but am not holding my breath waiting for it.

It's 85 degrees here in Florida. I do not feel the winter season at all.

The wind scared us as well. We woke up right around 3 and everything outside our porch were flying around..

Yup it's winter again. So cold now here in Texas.

I don' like cold winters, that is why we live in Florida. Hope you are staying warm!

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