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Nov 15, 2013

Where to find Best Bridesmaid Dresses

When my brother video called me one time, I was very excited to hear his good news. My brother and his long time girlfriend are finally settling down, the wedding will not be too fancy for now, as they are trying to be more practical and see the most important thing they should do first, which is buying a house and lot.

However, as an older sister I was very excited and thrilled about the news. Although the church wedding will not be anytime soon, I was so excited to even browse dresses online for the big wedding so I can share the ideas with my new SIL. In view of the fact that, it is my younger brother, I can now have a younger sister too. That’s why my excitement is overwhelming and I would love to do or hand out my ideas for their wedding.
I have noticed while browsing that DressFirst is where I found plenty of bridesmaid dresses for my brother’s future church wedding. I was overwhelming to see the different designs, color, and ideas I can find on the website.
Though I don’t have any idea about what would be the motif of the wedding, it would best for me to share my opinion and to motivate my brother and new sister in law for their future wedding, and start it by the second sponsor attire. 

12 freaking comments:

I absolutely love that first dress, they are all beautiful, but that one is sticking out for my renewal of vows that is coming close.

wow.. amazing dress photo

pleased me to visit thank you :)

Love the first one just make sure you don't get white!

I like those selections, thanks for the recommendation.

I will surely keep this website or share it to friends who might be looking for a pretty dresses.

Very pretty bridesmaid dresses here mommy. Love that first one ;) Awww, best wishes in advance to your bro. How exciting that you will have a new SIL!

These dresses are all beautiful. I like for bridesmaids to look beautiful at weddings instead of being ugly accessories.

i've only been a bridesmaid once in my life and it was fun

Good selection of simple yet elegant looking wedding dress. You are such a good sister,

These dresses are all very beautiful, elegant and classic.

Love the red one, so sexy!

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