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Nov 1, 2013

Happy All Saints' Day

In the Philippines, when November 1st hits the calendar everyone in the country becomes busy as they are getting ready for preparation for the occasion. We went to visit our loved ones in the cemetery as some spend the night with them. One thing that I truly missed in my hometown, I am hoping to experience this kind of celebration again bringing my son so he will see and understand the traditional ways Filipinos have. 

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Sounds like an interesting tradition. I know its supposed to be sentimental, but I could not picture myself spending the night in a cemetery.

In my birth place Davao City, where all our dead loved ones are laid to rest, we used to spend the night of Oct 31 at the cemetery. But when I got married and transferred to Bohol where the celebrations are quieter, we just pay a visit to the departed ones and then prepare delicacies.

Oh, I thought I was losing my mind when I saw the title, it got me thinking there for a minute lol

All Saints day is celebrated differently in the Philippines. Only in the Philippines where people spend a night with their love ones who passed away. My family just visit my parents and do some cleaning then head home. Sometimes we do grave hopping, checking peoples names and maybe we know them. Only in the Philippines..:)

wow what an interesting holiday thank you for teaching me something new

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