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Oct 31, 2013

Why Skipped the Trick or Treats this year

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Due to rain and colder temperature, we are again going to skip trick or treating from different houses. We are instead hoping and waiting for kids who will do trick or treat in our area, and knowing that our place is in a dead end, we are not sure that there might be kids coming from this place. It would be the first time we have our Halloween here in the new house and hope we have few trick or treaters. Because if not, then I will end up eating the candies we bought for them. 

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Too bad you didn't go trick or treating. I love Halloween but here in Dubai, it's not a well-observed holiday. There are parties and Halloween costumes and all but not the trick or treating. :(

I talked my kids out from trick or treating yesterday but it did not happen, we went even if it was raining. Gladly, we have umbrellas.

Never did my kids experienced this trick or Treat thing. Medyo di kasi accepted ng belief ko. But to those who observed this tradition then its fun if kids do visit your home.

It's never practiced in our place here in the Philippines. Instead, people go the cemeteries to visit the graves of their departed ones. We don't believe that we can talk to the dead, but we just go there to fellowship with our relatives.

that's too bad, sis. But then, that's good news too if you have a sweet tooth like me, lolz. I allow my kids to go trick or treating. my two older ones don't want to anymore, so only my five year old went trick or treating. I guess kids outgrow it also. Next year, maybe they won't anymore.

There will always be next time. But do hope that it will not rain so that they can do trick or treat! :D

same with papaleng, we don't go about trick or treating, so we just stay at home and watch movies all day, lol!

Did you get kids knocking on your door for trick or treat? I read that you should make a decoration outside so they'll know that you are open to trick or treating.

We don't practice it back home in the Philippines, and now that we are in Canada and Halloween and trick or treating is looked forward to every year, eventually my kids will be exposed to it, but I think I will not let them practice it. It was raining here too, last year as well.

Gladly, my kids did not get sick from the rain.

Revisiting, Oh sis there will always be next time and definitely it will have a more fun result.

We only have one trick-or-treaters. Sad. It seems like the kids are no longer fond of this activity here in our neighborhood.

No trick or treats nor halloween parties for me too this year! I had to leave town so all my halloween plans were cancelled :(

Me and my siblings never experienced trick or treats..

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