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Oct 22, 2013

Why it is important to be knowledgeable

I started blogging since 2004, that’s about 9 years ago. I intentionally created a Blog to keep up with my friends who migrated in the different country. The only quick way for us to be connected is through online. There were five of us, and two of my BFF moved in the USA due to marriage and family migration. It’s hard to update each other when there are at least 3 different time zones to follow.

One of my friends mentioned about the blogosphere so we can write an update of our lives through the blog. We all created our personal blog. That’s where I started to blog. As months passed by, I realize that I can earn extra income online through blogging. Then, I registered my blog with a few websites who accepts sponsored paid posts, and then I start writing articles for advertisers. Aside from my full-time work in the University before, it did help me earn extra income, I’m happy.

While I only know little about Google’s policy, I wasn’t aware of any consequences. I didn’t realize that I am losing advertisers, with pleasure through my patience and research I found websites that is very useful in giving tips with bloggers who wants to gain more traffic to their website. I slowly learn and knowledgeable about business online since then. It is best to know about best SEO advice, for it is very helpful for our online business. You might things are complicated, but once you’ve learn more about SEO everything will comes smoothly. 

8 freaking comments:

thanks for the tip. i am new to blogging and this helps.:)

I have been blogging for five years now and still learning everyday.

The learning continues. Every day there's new trick and ideas to grasp.

It is fascinating these days that we can use technology for a lot of things even for money-making. There are so many things to know when it comes to the blogosphere and I for one not an expert so I am still learning.

It's always nice to read and learn about SEO. The search engines has changed dramatically these days.

I am at loss when it comes to SEO thingy but it's nice to have some info like this.

I am no good at SEO :/ so I just go about and write...someone also said we should blog for our readers than for google or other bots so I'm taking that...thanks for these though, will surely come in handy!

This is what I needed to know, thanks Novah. As a new blogger this is very helpful. I got it bookmarked.

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