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Oct 20, 2013

Making your own Wallpaper for kid's bedroom

Our kids have grown fast and when they grow, there’s no stopping. Aside from them growing, there are other things around them that also changes, just like the arrangement for the bedroom. Now that they are teenager, they have a sudden change not just on their behavior but as well as the designs, they prefer in their bedroom. Consequently, as parents, we want to help them to choose a color/design that is no longer for toddler.

If in case you don’t see the unique wallpaper for your kid’s bedroom, there are always alternative to create your own designs. There are a few ideas what I’ve seen online and here they are. It’s something you don’t see every day, unique and very fashionable. 

8 freaking comments:

Unusual wallpaper to say the least--it amazes me that people make this themselves!

I was going to have a mural painted in my sons room until the person that was going to paint it said that there would always be the lines from where the different colors meet. He suggested custom wall paper and that is what we did, it turned out great.

Those are neat. I wish we have our own home so I can customize our wall especially our kids bedroom.

These are cute wall papers. I specially like the 3rd design.

Those are very artsy and functional!

What some gorgeous wallpaper I can't believe people are able to make these things themselves I wish I had the talent. x

I love those wall papers. they add character to the room.

i love this idea of making your own wallpaper to fit your style

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