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Oct 2, 2013

Kid's Chooses their own clothes

I assumed that most mothers who have older kids undergo such stages with their own kids. The way kids would choose for their own clothes to wear. It never happened to me, until my Honeybunch reaches the age of 3.

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That was also later on his age when he always calls shorts pants as well. As a parent, you always remind your kid the proper way of calling things. He does listen however occasionally he forgets and no matter how many times we need to point out and teach them, as parents we can never give up for our precious one.

For some reason, he doesn’t like to wear the color I picked for him. Therefore, after I put it on him my Honeybunch went to his room without a word and noiselessly picked his new clothes. This is either his shirt or his “pants”. How do I know this? I sometimes don’t, openly nevertheless, he leaves traces of the changed clothes inside his drawer, so I assume he did change his garments.

I am glad though, that when I told him “NO”. Even if he doesn’t like it, he will end up wearing the clothes I choose for him. 

What about you, have you experienced this stage with your kids? 

Are they starting to create their own Fashion?

8 freaking comments:

Not yet!
But I think it will be a struggle when we get there

I hear you, I have this issue with my kids especially my daughter.

Yes we are there already. Have to ask the kids to pick their clothes when I buy them or I risk them not wearing them .

No kids-but my Mom still reminds me what a pain I was-and I am now 63!!

My little one just started dressing himself, it is so cute, a plaid shirt and camo pants, he looks great. I know I get looks when we go out, but he is proud and I do not want to ruin that.

I hear you. My daughter chooses her clothes to school now. She picks them too.

my 13 year old is very vocal about what he does and does not like to wear

It's a sign that they're beginning to exercise independence.

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