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Oct 25, 2013

“I don’t want to SLEEP or Higda-Higda”

These are the words I often heard from my 3-years-old when it’s time for him to hit the sack. He also insisted that he is not tired and he doesn’t need to sleep. I assumed that because he can do so many things on his own now, he doesn’t want to miss a single activity. I often told him that is night time and everyone should sleep and I’m sure there is nothing going on but for everyone to sleep.
Then, I elucidate with my son that we need a break, so we can do big things again on the following day. I even enlighten him; to just lay down on his bed right next to Papa, which I called it “higda-higda” in Cebuano [a dialect in the Philippines].

It is amusing, as the minute he lays down on his bed, he was snorting. Kids sometimes try their best to come up with many things, many questions for their parents. Just to get away of some things, however as parents, it is best to be firm and persistent with our decision for our kids, so we can teach him the good things.

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I remember my nieces and nephews who threw questions just to escape on doing something. Pretty much same trick. But you're right, parents or any one minding them should be firm for their own good.

It is amazing these kids are. They are this way. They think they don't want to go to bed, but the moment their heads land on the pillow, they snore away. So cute though. LOL! We got to cherish these moments though of them being young. :)

He find comfort from your words in our dialect mommy. That's so neat that it was effective on him!

Hahaha, it's nice that he knows the word higda.

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