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Oct 7, 2013

Another Baby

It is about time for another new baby in the family. I need to give my son a sibling because it’s the best part of having one. They might teases and bickers a lot later on in life, yet those are just normal. Sooner or later, they will become closer to each other, as long as parents are always there for both. It is always best to have someone who will look after each other when the parents pass away.

It’s good to feel that you have your own flesh and blood to have when you need someone to talk to and be there for you when you needed their help without any questions and expectations in return.

I feel like I’m on a cloud 9 when I found out that we are expecting. We have been waiting for this for quite some time and now are the right time. We are so happy and thrilled and blessed for another good blessing God gave us.  

3 freaking comments:

Congratulations! That's indeed a great early Christmas blessing!

whoa! congratulations! your son will be very excited and so everyone else :) God bless to your endeavours with the new baby!!

Congrats! GOD is good! Your son will definitely have a 24/7 playmate just liked mine! :)

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