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Sep 6, 2013

Sorting Cereals

Kids have their sorts of ways when it comes to cereals. Others would like to combine it with milk, and some would separate. It’s a matter of how they would like the mixture and would stick with it. My son also has his own ways; I have noticed this ever since he started to eat his own cereal in the morning.

Have usually combined the cereals by colors, and shapes, so far that’s what I’ve noticed. I don’t remember buying cereal that has alphabets on it nor numbers.

The picture shows a great example. I took a stolen shot, as he dislikes me to capture any pictures of him no clue on why. If you can see he sorted the cereals by its colors, I was impressed more when he told me what colors they are.

Isn’t it great? Kids are just super clever and parents are proud and fascinated with that.

5 freaking comments:

That's adorable! My 17 year old still eats her fruit loops this same way, dry and by color lol That is awesome he is learning in the process!

My boys love fruit loops too! I also eat it with them! Lol! The little one just gobbles them up, while the big boy eats it with milk!

Oh how cute is that. Colorful learning.

ha ha how cute he is. I think that is just showing how smart your little one is. I am sure he will do well at school. My middle son loves the pajama he is wearing. Is he into Lightning McQueen too?

how fun and a great way to teach sorting and colors

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