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Sep 2, 2013

I won again

This is what I’ve won again in the Giveaway I joined at Mommy Jessica’s blog. I was so happy that finally, I won this kind of glass straw that way; I won’t keep buying those plastics one. A reusable straw would even better and save me more money. This is good for smoothies, which I always love to make. My son enjoys it so we always have smoothies whenever we have a humid day.

8 freaking comments:

Congratulations on winning! First time I've heard of a glass straw. Looks cool! :)

That's awesome, you're one lucky gal. MY kids love those straws.

Wow! Congrats, I'm not lucky in any giveaways so I don't waste my time to join. Maybe one day if I have more time I will join just for fun.

That's great! Glass straw is way more green and safe than plastic.

congrats, Novs, I love smoothie too, but I don't add any ice or anything, just pure fruits and vegetables, so that it's not cold, but in the summer, I do add ice :)

Congrats! Nice prize, I never knew there's a glass straw. :)

Good for you Sis! You can indeed save with this glass straw. Just take extra care of it!

That is a wished product of mine, Novs! Too bad I missed the giveaway that you joined in! :D Congrats!

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