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Sep 21, 2013

Fall/Winter 2013 new line of products and design

Warrior poet clothier has once again strikes to make every customer wowed of the new products they just recently launched this month. They never failed us on the new Fall/Winter 2013 Merchandise they released earlier this month. I was humbly given another opportunity to witness the product line once again and I am honored with this.

The company has decided to increase a new product in addition to what they already have. They added hoodies and a new line of denim jeans. The merchandise stock sold very fast so I wasn’t being able to take the chance to experienced them. Nevertheless, I still overwhelmed with the magnificent designs and styles of their T-shirts and long sleeves. Again, I was astonished to see the uniqueness and patriotic style.
Hoodies and designs..
Checkout their denim jean and designs

They also introduce the new fabric they used for the fall line. It is 100% cotton, which really helps to give a warmer feeling to our clothes for the colder weather. The fabric used for the long sleeve sleeves is a tri-blend of polyester/cotton/rayon fabric the kind of fabric that gives a softer feeling.

It is showing that my son loves the design and the fabric. I felt it too and I would recommend this kind of product. Indeed very soft and love the style.

Being the generous company that I work with, Warrior Poet Clothier is giving my readers a 30% off discount towards your purchase. This code will apply to the new and old designs on the website. You may purchase yours @ Simply apply BL-Angels code at the checkout and you are good to go.

Please connect them through:

A disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the products for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine. 

17 freaking comments:

That little man is styling! Those clothes are super cool! Thanks for sharing.

I love their clothing, such high quality and my son love the ones I got for him as it doesn't have tags so he is very comfortable.

great clothes and cute model

Cute shirts for a cute kid...perfect combo!

I love warrior poet. they have awesome shirts.:)

whoa ! thanks for the new idea for coming xmas gifts for my pasalubong!

What some cool looking clothes!

How fashionable and stylish sis! They're really great for your kiddo.

neat clothing line! I love their designs, those two-colored shirts for boys are stylish!

The shirts look good on your boy!

cool design for kids, Novs, it;s great we have so many choices for clothing online

I like their Fall collection, wish I could get my son some again..

looks good to your son! i love fall/winter collections for adults though i guess kids would be much better with light colours hehe

That kid looks great in his T-shirt.

The shirts fit him really well :)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this. I wanna try to buy too for my little cousins. :)

This post reminds me about Christmas and what to give to my nephews. hehehehe

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