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Sep 26, 2013

Don't force Kids

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I believe of not forcing your kids to learn in a very early stage of life, is something we should consider.  Kids are wonderful and they can learn quickly. It does take time when they choose to be more focus on education, or learning other things aside from what they've learned.

It was one day when I seated beside my son with a writing paper and a pencil. I wanted him to write his name, as he was writing in my notebook with numbers from 1-10. He was pretty good, except that he needs to maintain the length of each number/letters in order to fit one word in a single paper.

However, that time, he wasn’t listening. I was starting to get frustrated, as I would like them to learn and just listen to me. Nevertheless, that’s not right at all forcing wouldn’t help at all. Therefore, I told myself that we are done for the day, as I realized that it would not work this way for him. 

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I agree, when they are ready, they will learn fast!

Every child reacts differently to study schedules so parents just need to find the best way to get the best response.

I used to feel that way too when my eldest was starting school and sometimes, I would lose my patience, and he ending up crying, and me feeling guilty. Yeah, just let them be and they will learn they it's the right time and with the right guidance.

Children have different learning capabilities. As a Mom, you'll know yourself his own limits.

You're right! Don't put too much pressure into him. It can affect his growth and development not only physically but as well as mentally and pshycologically.

Yes I agree, especially in enrolling them in musical or art activities. It is important though to give them thorough explanation about pros and cons that will affect their decisions in joining these activities.

Each is a unique individual. It goes well with children. Not all 2-year old kids shared a common behavior. So we, as adult must try to learn how to cope with a child behavior. Don't force thing on them.

kids..when they see other kids are learning.. they are more eager to learn. it takes time for them to choose to learn.

We all have different ways of absorbing information. Adults and kids alike must not force themselves into learning new things. A right mood will lead us there.

Agree! Studying should be enjoyable not to be forced.

agree, we must not force them because learning happens naturally..your son is lucky to have you...happy day from my family to yours...:)

Yes, I want that to happen. Not forcing kids. I really hated my childhood. A lot of the things I did back then was forced by my parents. Sigh.......

Just let the kids be. This comes from a bachelor... heheheh.

Anyway, I still want the kids to be guided. I often babysit when my nephew and niece visit the house. They're still very young but I can say they're very bright. I can't give any advice but this: Kids' role is to have fun and play. Eventually, they'll learn something along the way.

yes, pressure cause your child feel neglected since it would be you're not minding his feelings. it's better you let him rest or let him play while learning :)

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