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Sep 11, 2013

Boy's Room Ideas

I was browsing online to see if there are great things that I can work on our son’s bedroom. You see, we have been here for 6 months now yet; I still work on a DIY project with his room. There are some arrangements that need to be ready, as well as the organizing his stuff.

I have a 3 years old son that is so rambunctious and needs to organize his room the way that won't hurt him. I’m glad that I found some options online on this website that I came across.

Here are the options; I do find that would be great ideas for a boy’s bedroom. 

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I like the arrangement and style in the 3rd photo :)

I prefer the very first looks! I could definitely have it as my own room theme! Lol. After all, blue is also my fave color! :D

The 3 designs in the photos are all great palettes. I guess, your choice will be dependent on the overall design of your home to ensure design scheme continuity.

Good idea for boys; a double-decker bed with other parts to be utilized.

when i was a kid, i enjoyed so much the double-deck bed, and my nephew, when he was young and vacationing in our home, he would always choose the room with double deck bed, i guess, boys will be boys, they fantasize climbing even in their room :)

Bunks beds is a nice idea if you have another siblings or sleep over.

I love that first one, I wish our house is that spacious.

I super like like like the wall decal in the airplane themed room!

I am likewise on the lookout for redesigning ideas for my son's bedroom as he is already a teenager and his present room arrangement seems too cluttered as it is.

I would choose 1 and 3 simply because they're blue! And they look neat too.. :)

wow! I like the first one most! hmmm wish I were still a kid! Let me show this to my boys and I am sure they'd be hyped! :)

All the rooms designs look great Im sure every boy would want to sleep in one of these, but I bet they require large space, eh.

the third room is what i like, it is simple but classy

I love the second photo idea. I think it's more appropriate and your soon would definitely love it :)

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