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Sep 16, 2013

A BIG bite on a good food

When my son gets so hungry this is what he looks like, having a big bite in the Dunkers that we once have at Pizza Hut. He has his desert this time after the dinner. He loves the dunkers because it has crushed Hershey’s on top of the bread. I’m sure every kid would love and enjoy this dessert too.

I used to, but not anymore as my taste buds were quite changed. Being a Mamarazzi, I have to take one photo of amusing moments my kid does. Something I can look up when the time comes. 

9 freaking comments:

Oh, that mouthful bite, he looked like he is in heaven biting that dunkers hehehe.

Oh he looks like he is enjoying that! What a big bite x

how cute he is definitely enjoying it

He looks so very happy getting that mouthful of deliciousness. There is something special about the joy of a child.

Nos that's eating joy!
Totally relate to being a mamarazzi

He's so cute on that photo. I bet he really likes what he is eating.

How adorable!!!

hehehe... so cute! When these kids are hungry they turn into little monsters. Just kidding! :) You make me hungry for pizza now.

Your son looks hungry. He looks cute with his hungry face.

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