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Aug 31, 2013

Review: Save wonderful memories with Printopia Canvas Print

I’m very grateful that I have the opportunity to share my cherished moments with my family and friends. Printopia approached me to work on a product review into one of their famous canvas prints, which is 16x20” with 1.5 wrap.
It is a perfect opportunity for me to look for a photo of me and hubby’s wedding day. I got a 4x6 photo framed but that’s not enough, I wished something big so we can both reminisced one of the happiest moments of our lives, the day we get united as one.

This September 2013 would be our 5th year wedding anniversary; it would be a perfect gift for both of us. I was even enthusiast when the canvas arrives in the mail before the month of September.

A UPS mail carrier delivered it at my doorstep; I like how light weight the canvas is. The resolution of the photo I sent does look great. I have few problems the first time I sent my photo because I was advised that it has a poor resolution. The printout will be pixilated and I am glad about the concern support.

                   Package is safe             Very secure, they taped it so it won't loss

It took me at least 3 samples of different yet higher resolution, told that last picture was good. I even told them that since I cannot see the outcome, as they didn’t provide me, I told the support to check which out is the BEST resolution.

                                      Back portion                                   thickness for 1.5"

After few exchange emails, and provided them with a good photo resolution together with my permission the printing is processed. I still have doubts but I could do nothing, since I can’t see the picture aside from the first photo I submitted.

You can tell the grayish defect on my well as on my husband, his suit is horrible too... seems like he has a bad teeth, which is not...

Closer look, if you've noticed may hair part, parts were black and parts were gray...

Much closer look, you can tell the suit, blurry 

When I received the canvas in the mail, my expectation went from 100% to 20%. I was disappointed with the printout. The picture turns out to be blurry. A customer will definitely be unsatisfied with the canvas. I will show images of the resolution of the picture turned out to be blurry.

 It never has problems with the background images however; it does have a huge occurrence on my hubby’s suit, hair, his teeth look weird and my hair, it seems like I have black and blurry hair. I have the photo black and white so it’s more visible to see what went wrong.

The black color were both erase and turned gray and some portion of my hair, hubby’s hair, as well as his suit doesn’t have the same color. The black and white color is just not similar to the photo I submitted.

However, I am not really certain about why they art support has not given me an output at all, after the very first one. I never expected that at all.

If you have, photos you wish to print on canvas can always print it from Instagram and Facebook. Nevertheless, be sure and aware to see the complete output before you proceed with the printing.

Printopia will sponsoring a giveaway of one 8x10 Canvas Prints Free. I will be hosting the giveaway and one of my lucky readers will be picked. The giveaway is only available within US continental. Starts on September 01, 2013 12AM EST  and ends on September 15, 2013 12AM EST. Please ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE.

Print your memories with Printcopia @ You may also follow them on Facebook, and Twitter to see more about what’s new and a great deal of the website.

A disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the Canvas Prints for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook I expressed is 100% exclusively mine. 

24 freaking comments:

aww too bad d maganda naging outcome ng print mo. try mo kaya sa naman next time don ako nagpapaprint ng photobooks naman pero may canvas din sila.

sad to see about the outcome of this photo. i love taking photo but never tried this canvas or even printing them yet

Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't like their print. I remember working with them before and I really liked the outcome of the print. Maybe it's the resolution of your photo mommy that needs to be adjusted? They should've sent you some preview first before printing the desired photo... tsk2x

Printcopia is where I screwed up as well but I still loved the outdome even though my kids head was chopped in half lol. Even though there are imperfection at your canvas, I love your smile still.

PS. YOur title says PRINTOPIA, you missed the C.

I am sorry your photo turned out unwell, Mommy Novs! That is too bad because that's a beautiful picture of you and your hubs! As for me, I am a satisfied Printcopia customer.

Oh! sorry to hear about the result of your canvas, but still looks good in the photo in your post.

How sad! Anyhow, you can opt out to have it redone by another printing company.

Looks like I will not use them if I were to print a photo on a canvas, judging from your review...:-(

Sorry to hear that sis but anyway I love your smile in the picture. I'm used to having my pictures printed in Artscow and they will give a message if the picture you send for printing is of lower quality so you'll have options to change or go with it.

Sorry to hear about the unpleasant outcome of the canvas printing. Hope you can get another print from them.

It's really nice to have a canvas hanging in our wall. But too bad naman, the canvas isn't that good. Hope they can do better next time.

A very honest review. all told, pangit ang printout.

must be really good to have canvass photo, I wanted one but sad that this one doesn't turn out the way you like it. i hope next time will be better...:)

I like the image you picked very much

They should have make this one flawless since it is for review..

Stinks about the flaws but the photo is good.

Beautiful picture of you two, but definitely not a good result for you. I have never done a canvas print but need to make sure before I do that the resolution is high enough. I don't want a grainy, blurry, image either. I have enough problems with gray hair that I don't want added gray from the print.

i'v always wanted to get a canvas print will check them out

You look like a great couple and I am sure the original photo was great. I can not imagine expecting to get a beautiful canvas with a print of a precious memory only to discover that it did not come out right. Hopefully they will make it right. I have had a few canvas prints and now prefer them to regular prints, I have not had any that large though, would love to if it was printed right.

At least, the people in the photos are good-looking.

The smiles are great in this photos mommy :)

Beautiful picture of you and your hubby. Too bad, the quality of the print was not the best.

That is a lovely canvas picture of you and your husband.:)

Such a Wonderful photo looks great on Canvas!

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