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Aug 3, 2013


Being a proud mother, you always wanted to keep memories with your kids. As they grow up very fast, you don’t want to miss every single day that passed.

One great afternoon when I decide to grabbed my camera and start taking shots with my son. It is quite amusing as he keeps running far away from me to avoid the Camera, thus he was disappointed since I still get a glimpse of him and took a quick photograph. I am thankful for having my Olympus Pen-1 for it never fails me at all, as things always turned out wonderful.

Even when it shows a blurry background, it still has a great and clear picture of my rambunctious son. Never gets away from a Mamarazzi

8 freaking comments:

This is a good one, I love his facial expression hehehe.

Love that photo. I love sneaking pictures of my kids.

I know exactly how your son feels!! I run from cameras-hide from them and can smell one a mile away!! He really did not look happy at all that you were taking his picture!

This is such a cute photo! I have some like this of my daughter and I love 'em

My son always wants the camera or will never look directly at me.

That photo is cute. This reminds me that we need to take more photos of the kids. They grow so fast so you don't want to miss those memories of them when they are small.

LOL! I love the photo! I think the special pictures are the ones that you take when they aren't posing.

Ha, ha, ha!!!! I could relate... My kids does the same thing too! Mommies, always liked to click and click for memory sake.

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