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Aug 6, 2013

Curious Little Boy

Kids are always curious especially while growing up. They have so many questions to ask with their parents. As a parent, we should have a better explanation for them, for they will never stop until they were satisfied with the answers.

We always told our son to never get inside the shed without an adult with him, for there are some sharp things and heavy metals we don’t want him to touch that would cause him hurt.

This day, he chooses not to listen, and as a curious little boy, he proceeded to go inside.  No matter how many times we asked him not to do, being a curious boy I am sure he could not help not to go inside. Good thing, I was behind him this time and his plan never succeed.

This photography is just perfect evidence that caught him in the act. 

7 freaking comments:

I like your sepia shots!

By telling him not to do something it makes him even more curious as to why--no matter that you told him there were dangerous things-he had to see for himself--typical curious child!

Yes little ones sure are curious, and you have to stay on your toes to you can keep up with them. Good job mama for catching him.

So many times I have told my kids to not do something and they always try to do it. I think its typical of kids to wonder why they cannot.

What a beautiful shot! I love catching my kids learning about life. But glad that you found him before he got into something dangerous.

I have a curious boy myself.:) great shot by the way.

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