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Jul 3, 2013

I still remember you

No matter how many years had gone, I still remember and miss you. You might not be with us physically thus, your memories will keep being treasure while I am still alive. The only thing I can do is look back the time we spend together. Smiles on the laughter we shared and treasured those moments when I have the chance to watch you and hold you.

Everything is truly missed and I can’t wait that someday, we will be together again. You will always have a special place in my heart. You will always remembered, wherever I go. Moreover, thank you, through you I have learned and appreciated life now more than I did before.

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I am sorry for your loss. I understand how difficult losing a child is it is something that you never truly get over.

I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute.

Beautiful memories! Sorry for your loss. I know it's something you never really get over.

so sorry for your loss as a mom who has lost a child I know your pain hugs

I am so sorry for your loss Mommy. I wasn't aware of this but it's true, losing a child is very painful according to my MOm.

whata beautiful way to express your love.

my sincerest condolence sis. i can't imagine the pain of losing a child so i wouldn't even dare say that i know how you feel.

awww, that's nice that you remember your lost baby mommy. other moms tend to forget about them because they're afraid of the pain. good for you because you're a fighter.

I am so sorry. I can only imagine what you had gone through. You made me hug, love and appreciate my kids even more. God bless! There is one precious little angel in heaven watching over you. :)

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