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Jul 1, 2013

Free Stuff from

I am happy when I read an FB status confirming about getting the clothes they desired for their kids at just by spending $3.69 for the shipping. I was intrigued about that status and so I went to her page and read the information. It’s nice to know that gives a $15 credit for the month of June. I knew I’d seen the ads in my email; however, I just neglected the email, never even opened it, and trashed it.

I made the biggest error of throwing that email away without even knowing, what it is about. However, I’m still grateful for I had given the chance to enjoy the credit. 

I needed a hoodie for my 3 years old son due to the constant raining and colder weather, which supposed to be summer by the way. Anyways, I went online to see if they have fleece jackets, less hoodie and don’t like how expensive it’s comparable to the jacket. So I end up getting 3 pairs of different jacket fleece design used the $15 Credit and to my surprised I had a $5 coupon that wasn’t being used for a very long time.

I guess it’s a credit when I signed up. I was blissful, thinking I’ll only be paying shipping, thus it was more than that. I obtain a branded name fleece jacket without spending anything on it. I am very pleased to share this with you. Therefore, it’s your turn to be at an advantage like me.

Please visit this website and register; you’ll instantly earn $10.00 credit towards your purchase. That credit never goes away, it’ll magically appear in your checkout. This is real! Let’s take advantage of the credits they gave.

The online store carries all sorts of apparels, from Woman to man, Adult to infants oh they have more accessories too that you might want to check out.

Please register I love Free Stuff, and this is one of them. J

9 freaking comments:

I don't have kids myself, but this seems like a great service for those who do.

what a great service

No kids here--but you do say for Women also-maybe I will go browse around.

I've used thredup before and had good experience buying some great stuff for great prices. Way to go!

I have heard a lot of great things about Thred Up but haven't looked into it yet. I do know some people with small children that would benefit from this.

I find so many cute items there and they look brand new when you receive them. Love Thred Up.

i've got quite a few freebies from thredup already. i love it.

I tried doing this but ended up getting frustrated so I let it go lol.

nice freebie mommy Novz but the shipping is bit expensive for me.

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