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Jun 23, 2013

Good Deal from Old Navy

It always felt so good when you went to a store and ends up getting the best deal. This time I shopped not for myself, instead of my son. I bought my 3 years old new additional clothes for the ones he got were already out-grown.

I have a $10 gift card won from a giveaway to a blogger before. I also got $25 bonus award from the visa credit card I’ve used can only be used at the Old Navy store. I earned points and they have given me $5 every 500 points I earned, sometimes they have promotions that I earned up to $20 in just one use.

Therefore, I used all of them to buy all of these clothes for my son. Now, he has new 3 pairs of shirts and shorts. I have never paid any cash nor use my credit towards the items it wasn’t that expensive either for I took everything at the clearance section. It’s cheaper when you get clothes at the clearance section.

3 pairs of shorts

3 pairs of t-shirts

5 freaking comments:

good deal Nov and the clothes looks nice. Is that Muno from yo gabba gabba?

Sobrang satisfying un feeling pag ganun ksi e dba - it's good you got the most out of it!

The designs of old Navy looks really good and stylish. It's always up to date.

I love savings! It's a good thing you have all those earned points and bonuses. I wish we'll have more of that here in the Phils. That's a company's way of giving back to their clients.

I used to shop at OLd Navy when my kids were still little. Great finds.

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