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Jun 17, 2013

Glorious Food: Called Huma

Another food that I missed, is the dished called "Humba". It is basically pork with fats in the meat cooked with seasonings to taste. 

The yellow isn't cheese, they are banana flowers being mixed after the meat starts to look brown.

I barely ate this for I know it would give you a high cholesterol if you eat too much. 

Very delicious food that everyone loves to prepared the dish in every occasion. 

5 freaking comments:

yummmm!! I missed humba too but I don't know how to cook one.

I haven't tasted this pa ata - looks new to me. I want to grab a bite kht tikim lang haha since I dont want to eat too much haha!

This looks like a really tasty dish especially during the holidays.

I love humba, too. But I haven't eaten for the longest time. I don't know anyone who cooks humba anymore. My father used to cook humba when we were kids but not anymore now because he's careful with the cholesterol. I just have to content myself with pictures. :)

I like humba and I miss it too.

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