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Jun 25, 2013

Eating her dinner in a bowl...

She's the youngest member of the clan. She's the most adorable kid I've ever laid eyes on. She's my sister's youngest daughter, at the age of 1 she's a pretty independent kid.

This is just one of those evenings while we are eating our dinner. Since mommy isn't home yet, we were watching her while we dine-in.

What happened here was, we gave her a bowl of her food so she could eat it herself. She pretty wants to do everything on her own and so we let her.

Without using pork and spoon, she's using both her hands to feed herself. Later on, it became funnier as we watch her that night. She became pitiful yet funny and adorable. 

She's focused on eating all her meal and while she munched she looked at us and make the cutest smile ever. 

Now! I'm missing her so much. We rarely spend time together for their live 6 hours away from the place where we stayed. 

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She's adorable!What a cute pose :)

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