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Jun 2, 2013

DaddyScrub’s Diaper Bag Review and Giveaway

There are instances that Daddy’s would have a terrible experience when it comes to bringing a diaper bag. This experience was mostly happening to the newly daddy and I do find it very exhausting. Since that experience happened, I wanted to get something that would suit my hubby’s get-up. I mean, he will be more comfortable on carrying baby stuff.

We have 3 years old who have his own pack bag with him now but that doesn’t mean we are done there. We do plan to add another family member, and this is why I am happy for this review. Nevertheless before that happened, I make sure that I have the right diaper bag for my hubby. I’m thankful that DaddyScrub has given me the opportunity to review one of their merchandise; this would be an amazing transition to my hubby. It would be a perfect daddy to be gifts. Since we are still hoping for a new member to come, I am delightful to review how amazing the Daddy Diaper pack is. 

When I received the product in the mail, I was very excited to see what it can do for my husband. And how can it help him with all the future baby items inside. The Diaper pack is very spacious inside. It has the foam protection too which I assume that it is a waterproof resistance. I’ve noticed a high quality material it is made of, in addition to the two zippers for an easy access. 

There is an open pocket for both sides for an easy reach for baby bottles. It has two zippered compartments on front, with two extendable belts for support. And if you take a closer look, there is 1 zippered secret compartment on the back that is fully protected too, which I bet created for Daddy’s stuff. The diaper bag handles are both secure which has a belt also in the waist area.

I do find the Diaper Pack is very manly for a father who wants to have their own diaper bag. Also, you can get this as a gift on this coming father’s day. Get your friend, brother in law, or your hubby this gift. It would be a perfect expectant father gift or new dad gifts while they are celebrating Father’s Day.

Visit the website to see more of their signature products. You can also buy scrubs and wear them as your pajamas which would be comfortable to wear; furthermore it is their product signature who doesn’t like it? They offer a 10% discount on their website, simply apply BLOG13 code at the checkout and you are all good.
And it’s time for a Giveaway:

This could be your chance to join and win in my Daddy Scrub’s Giveaway. If you are not expecting, maybe you can give this to your friend’s who might be expecting or family who you know who is expecting. It would be a great gift for them. Participants should be within US.

Please follow their social media through:
Twitter : @Daddyscrubs
Instagram with your Smartphone!  Search: DaddyScrubs
DaddyScrubs Blog:

A disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the item for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook being expressed is 100% exclusively mine. 

24 freaking comments:

I am sure most men would prefer this "diaper" bag to the pretty, colorful, frilly ones Mom's carry around with them!

What a nice bag to have for Dads!

how cool now daddy can carry the diapers when he has the baby

I like diaper bags that don't look like diaper bags. Although I was very proud to become a mother, I never understood why the baby industry assumed I would want to give up trying to have any individual style. This is a great option for dads and anyone else who doesn't want to tote a pastel diaper bag around.

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Looks very stylish and comfortable to carry, goodluck to all the contestant.

I love this daddy diaper backpack :) I actually gave it to a friend on her baby shower party and they just love it.

Every time I see that diaper bag I think about how much I would have preferred to carry that even though I am a girl. Thank you for the giveaway, we do not need diaper bags anymore but my neighbor does.

I would actually like the diaper bad. My nephew is about to be a daddy and could really use this.

Awesome idea for a father to carry around a diaper bag. Love it!

I would probably give it to my cousin, he is about to be a dad and would love this!

totally cool for dads!
and with everything needed it is just perfect

I still want this diaper bag, it is not just for dads, lol. Thank you for the giveaway.

My nephew is expecting and I am thinking blue, size large

There should be a new baby in my family in the next week. I would love to win and send this to my nephew.

I love daddyscrubs producst. They have the coolest items for baby shower party

I seen some of this online. And thought it'll be neat for my cousin.

Dad won't feel awkward carrying diaper bag anymore as this looks very manly and stylish!

Perfect for Dad's baby sitting for the day :-) I heard they have cool products for Dad's. Perfect for father's day giving :-)

If I win I will send this to my brother so he can use it and have a durable bag :-)

Looks like a perfect backpack for a Daddy on the go like my husband! I want to win one like that, too, Momi Novs! That should be a perfect gift I can give to my husband who doesn't get to receive a gift from me often! Lol.

Love this! Either parent would be able to use this cool, edgy bag!

If I win I will give this to my Uncle who with his wife is expecting their first baby.

If I win I give it to my cousin he have a baby.

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