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May 31, 2013

Mama and Grandkids at Robinson's Mall

It misses you more when you look back to the pictures during your vacation. This is one of them, I think this was taken after we attended a Sunday Eucharist then headed to Robinson Mall for lunch. 

There was a DFA now closer to our place and quicker for everyone to go. I took random pictures with my camera while the kids are goofing around that area. Because it is still Sunday that the office is close.

9 freaking comments:

i love looking back at old pictures

I love taking goofy pictures of my daughter. I have a ton!

so good to have these mementos

I love the photos you take on a whim, they usually show that you really enjoyed yourselves. Great photos!

Nothing like goofing around and having a great time doing it!!

LOL! Great pictures! It looks like everyone was having fun.

Robinson's mall is my favorite mall in Manila. It is my hang-out place. Oh how i miss it.:(

Oh boy! you bet. I did the same thing earlier too. I was looking at our vacation pictures.

I miss my family. Last time I've seen them in 2009. Hopefully we can see them soon.

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