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May 24, 2013

He pretends he is mad....

Kids will do everything want to do. This one here shows he is mad when I asked him nicely to smile for the camera. Apparently he does the opposite way. It was fun, however sometimes it gets way out of control then that's where I get upset and scolded him, his actions aren't good. Anyways, so this was just one of those days that he never listens when I asked him to. Oh! Kids!

5 freaking comments:

ha ha he looks cute though even he is mad. My kids does the same every time I take pictures they make funny faces so I end up taking more and then they get tired and mad ha ha

Sobra. HAHA! Kids are funny and interesting like that. :)

He looks so cute with his angry look.

Haha, so like my five-year old! So cute though!

He plays the role very well.

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