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May 8, 2013

Flying Kite during not windy Sunday

I was home sick again that Sunday so instead of moving around and clean the place. I end up sitting on my computer, browsing the FB pages and links. So, basically nothing and I felt even lonelier because of the pictures I’ve seen online. I don’t understand what I am feeling, so when my husband told me if I need to do something fun outside. The first thing that comes in my mind is to fly the kite my SIL’s gave for Chaos.

It wasn’t that windy as I thought it was, however when you are on the hill it sometimes looks like it is. We still tried to fly the kite; however it drops because the wind subsided too. So we don’t the settle wind that would make your kite way up in the sky.

After a while, hubby came to us and joined. It’s a little bit fun once in a while when the wind blows heavy and your kite is about 15 feet high. And goes down as the winds drop, and then we have to wait until it blows a strong one again.  

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I am sorry to hear you are homesick. It is awesome that your husband had a great idea about being outside. I think fresh air really helps the body. Even though it wasn't that windy it still looks like everyone had a great time.

I want to take my daughter to the beach and fly a kite. I think she'd love it!

I have not flown a kite in years. hope you are feeling better

sorry your homesick but getting out and having fun helps :)

Yes, just getting outside and having fun--even trying to get a kite to fly can be fun--will help a little bit with home sickness--next timeif it is not too windy out try playing three way catch!

I hate when I get my son excited to fly his kite and discover the wind is not what I thought it was. He gets so disappointed. Hope you feel better soon and they wind picks up.

We tried flying kite last week, it was windy but it was in circular motion that it eventually frustrated my little ones lol.

Flying kites is definitely a mood booster. Bummer the wind wasn't cooperating, but at least it took your mind off your homesickness a little.. Glad it you all had fun.

We hate flying kite because we're not getting enough wind. But, our daughter really likes it.

That's nice to have a big space for kite flying ... minus those wires dangling in the neighborhood. Great weather you have in there.

I love flying kite too mommy. The other day we tried to fly a kite, but it isn't going to go anywhere unless it is windy. It reminds me of the Bear Brand Kite Festival in the Philippines before... I don't know if you recognized that festival? I love watching all the different designs of kites from small to big to simple to elaborate. :) It makes you feel like a kid flying a kite.

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