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May 3, 2013

A walked to the Post Office

Today is another warm day to walk to the Post Office. Since, we can walk in the shorter way and safety way. I have decided to go to the post office together with my 3 years old son to get our mail, before it closed. I am glad that we have a huge school field behind our property where my son can run around while we are heading to the said establishment. It’s safer than walking by the road.

We do this every Monday and Thursday. We go for a quick walk, as well as enjoy a nice warm day. It is another way to have an exercise for it takes at least 10 minutes to go back and forth to our house. One major predicament is when we get our mail and I end up getting those heavy and bigger boxes. I have to make sure I carried them safe and of course hold my son while walking down the street until, we cross the road back to the school.

It happened twice now and it’s pretty annoying. I don’t mind if it was just me, however walking to 3 years old isn’t that fun especially when you are holding too many things. However, it is being done; the only thing that I have right now is the memories. 

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Too bad your post office does not deliver your packages for you! Perhaps you could pick up the mail and then have someone else go back for the packages--your son is much more important then some packages!!

ya it's a shame they do not bring them to your home. That is what they do here. They don't even knock, they just put it by my door.

Have you thought of getting a wagon? You son would probably love the ride and you would hve something to put your packages in.

Try carrying a reuseable bag with you in case of packages!!

poor baby boy. i hope they make an effort to deliver your boxes to your house.

It is nice to get out and enjoy the weather when it is nice. I would love to have a field that close for my son to play in.

I do agree with Cyndie, you might want to bring a those shopping bags you have just in case.

Why don't they deliver the mails to your home Novs? Anyway, that is a good exercise though but, it is tiresome if you have big boxes to carry.

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