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Apr 22, 2013

Review - Love to eat popcorn why not choose the healthier one – Skinny PopCorn

A disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the item for free in exchange of my honesty review. The outlook being expressed is 100% exclusively mine.

Since I was a little kid, I loved to eat popcorn where we go. Whether if it’s during the amateur singing contest at the park, or snacking after playing. I can eat more popcorn as much as I can, for it is one of my favorites. I think it can fill me up and then that would serve as my dinner. Up to this day even my family enjoys a good popcorn snack.

My other half also love Popcorn, we used to buy boxes to stack in order to make some whenever we watch movie at home. However, times do change when you have a little kid at home. As a mother, you wished to give healthy snacks and meal to your family. We do change the lifestyle as we want to live longer and healthier for them.

I am grateful for Skinny Popcorn, as they have been so nice to give me the opportunity to review their product. I am so happy to find a good popcorn snack for my family. It is healthier, natural and no artificial included. Gluten Free, Zero Trans fat, Cholesterol Free and what’s the good is having only 39 Calories per cup. So eaters who loves Popcorn but can’t eat much for they watch their weight. This might be a good sign for you. The back label will tell all the ingredients and what it contain.

The packaging is pretty nice too. Very attractive, you do can tell from a distance for you can see what’s inside already. I love it. I opened and share it with my son, he instantly knows it's a popcorn and it shows he loves it. The inside produce is just what I love the most. It is as fresh as the cool one. Crunchy, yummy the kind that you just want it.

Now I am delightful that we can eat this kind of popcorn and at the same time not to worry about cholesterol intake. Where to buy them? Locate the store that carries them HERE. Glad we have one here that is closer. Please follow them on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about what’s new. Or simply visit Skinnypop website for more. 

11 freaking comments:

I guess I never realized that popcorn could be unhealthy. hmmm. I thought all popcorn was good for you. lol Thanks for the info.

I always thought it was healthy to as long as you didn't add the extra butter, salt and what ever else you put on it lol I love the taste of popcorn.

I am on a diet and need some "skinny" food. Thanks for the great review

I love popcorn and if they have a healthier option I am certainly willing to try it.

popcorn is my "go to" snack! i never thought they could be unhelthy. thanks for this info.

I have been wanting to try this, I need healthier snacks.

I recently discovered this and it is amazing. So good.

Yum! These kind of popcorn are ideal for those who are dieting!

Oh I want one :-) hubby loves popcorn and I bet he will be the first to try once I have a yes from them. Thank you for sharing. I will let you know if they have a positive response.

We love pop corn here at home, I would love to try this.

I read on an article that popcorn is good for you especially the ones that were popped in a pot. But, I always use my microwave to make popcorn, it's faster and more convenient :)

Liza Barnett

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