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Apr 11, 2013

Just an Update

I feel very bad for this page. It seems that it's been neglected for it hasn't been updated since the 8th. So here I am giving out some updates, which I don't know exactly what. This is supposed to be for my son and my nieces and nephews. Apparently, since the time we get back from a 3 months vacation I have hardly done any fun with my son. It's always be a routinely things inside the house. 

Nope! We haven't went outside for a walk. I was planning for the couple of days, however the weather is against my plans. So, instead it pours all the time. Don't want to walk on those muddy, cold weather outside. The fun is just not right. 

I might update a little bit about our 3 months trips. I am sure I just need to look up to the photos I've taken. We will see.

Thanks for reading!

8 freaking comments:

It is not so easy to keep up with more then one blog!! It is raining very hard here today as well--not a day for being outside--

Keeping up is very hard. Glad to see this post, thanks for the update. :)

keep us updated on your travels!

I hope the weather clears up soon so you two can get outside and have fun

I would love to hear about your 3 month vacation. That is nice you are able to take such a long vacation.

I got ten blogs and I find it hard to keep up although I tried my hardest which means that I lose some zzss for that..

It rained yesterday here too, it was warm though so we grabbed umbrellas and went to play in puddles.

It is hard for me to find time with my son to go outside because my little one is not always up for it as she is 7 months.

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