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Mar 19, 2013

Sharing moments with Mailpix review

A disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the item for free in exchanges of my truthful review. The outlook being expressed is a 100% exclusively mine. 

It is so fortunate for me to get the opportunity to be able to be accepted to work with for a photo products review. It is a perfect timing that I went to my three months vacation in the Philippines and I have plenty of memorable events to be kept in hard copy. That would make me reminisce of bonding with my family as well as introducing my son to my amazing family, relatives and time to bond with them. Moreover the introducing of where I came from, my culture and traditions as being a Filipino.

I have no experience all of the new ways to keep a hard copy of my photos online. I do find them very confusing, however if you go through all of the easy and simple ways they have to make sure their customers won’t have a hard time. You would say, I am glad I tried it.

Lovely three photos in one page
Love the quality of the pictures and the thickness of the paper

Photo brag books is what I was entitled for the product reviews. I was excited to pick out all the events my family and I went to during our vacation in the Philippines. Through there, there are options on which you want to get and views samples on what it may look like afterwards. So, I make sure I have sorted the one that has more meaning to print. Mailpix has their own digital photo printing which has high resolution. I am interested in my photo products.

I got my photo brag book in the mail, and as I examined those treasured pictures. I am being happy with the quality and resolution of each picture. They have got the 5x7 right size right. I love how the papers are thick enough to make sure the pictures will hold it. Nevertheless, I have some minor problems. I never thought that instead of shrinking the pictures into 5x7 instead cut down from the whole pictures and I have some photos being cut-out.

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24 freaking comments:

I love your choice, a brag book is something that I would love to have as well. Do they give you limit to how much photos you can include?

I love their items! And the brag book is a perfect choice!

I need to have one of this brag book. I have tone of photos here that need to be sorted out. Thank's for this idea!

Those are perfect for all the pictures that you took while you're on vacation. Memories are very important and it can bring back the old times :)

Liza Barnett

Really nice piece of souvenir. Lots of pictures to share with everyone in the family.

You certainly cannot go wrong with a brag book. Not everyone can see the pictures I whip out on my cell phone. Great choice!

Good choice of pr you have here. i love mailpix and the quality of their products.

i have been waiting on mine to arrive so i can expereince myself how great these brag books are. i love taking photos of my family and i need to print them or save them somewhere else besides my laptop coz its loaded with photos right now, hehe

I love keeping photos. They're part of memories.

Thankful that camera had been invented, that way, we took photos and keep those memories as long as we live!

you should try them, it's fun to compile those memorable pictures with the family, nope, but it has count limit on how many pictures it only contained...

thank you, that's why i chose to get this to compile our vacation moments

you should! it's inexpensive and you'll compile them in one book...i'm glad i have given you some infos

that's true, something you can look back when you missed home and your family

that's true, at least you can only bring this one here instead of millions of photos you took...

that's true...

i find them very high in quality...

you should try this brag book, it compiles some of the unforgettable moments you want to look back...

so am i...something we can look back too

so true, thanks for the genius who created them...

Thank you Kim!

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