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Mar 26, 2013

Review for an online shopping website

A disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I received the item for free in exchange of my truthful review. The outlook being expressed is a 100% exclusively mine

I was happy to be given the opportunity to review some wonderful product quality from I never know that this website carries so many varieties of products. It is someone the same as when you go to the Mall store. They have everything you need. From clothings, handbags, shoes, accessories and more.

I was looking for Spring accessories and did find plenty on the site. One advantage for me it's because I never like to leave the house especially when it is winter time. So, what I do is shop online for gifts and for necessities.

Found new items online which I love to voice out. The winter hat that I was looking for all this time. I found them at, it isn’t that expensive as what I’ve seen in stores. I love the fabric for it does help warm my head. 100 percent polyester, cozy and one size. 
Perfect Hat I found on the website

The clothes they carry has good quality that I like. Spandex is what it is usually made of. Perfect for Spring, Summer and Fall fashion. They have good style which I truly like.

A very classic design that caught my attention

Very Springly design

Very soft clothing with a nice cloth belt that comes with the blouse

I love the new watch I got from the site as well. It is what I’ve been looking for. The quality is quartz which I do find durable. 

Rubber wrist belt very handy and gorgeous watch
With you can enjoy the nicest and prettiest clothes you like without spending lots of money. I am happy with the result. You should check out the website to see what I mean. 

16 freaking comments:

I love that site! You can find the cutest things there for very little money!

You got great items!

I have got to go there and look around-once I actually get to a store and figure out what size I am now after losing weight--you got some really cute stuff!

You've got some nice choices sis. I love the floral dress!

I have heard about this site before but have never actually made my way to it to look around at what they have to offer. Thanks for sharing once again and maybe I will finally not forget to type their website in my browser!

Wow this is the second time I have heard about this site in a week. Will definitely check them out.

You're so lucky to be given the chance to review their products! I will check their site later!

Great stuff from 10dollarmall.. I can't wait to post mine too :)

Liza Barnett

never heard of the website for until, i've read some post from fellow bloggers...they're awesome

Thanks, i love them all..can't wait to wear them too

thank you, their small is still big so just an information

I figured out since Spring is coming, why not become a fashionista and check out the floral dress..thank you sis

You should Becca, they have many designs to offer you

check out Sandy, who knows you might like their merchandise...

Thank you Healy, check out their website.

Mommy Liz, I bet you can't, show me your link once your done..can't wait to check what have you got

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