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Mar 12, 2013

My son's joy with his cousin

After 2 years of not meeting his cousin, the time has finally come to meet them face to face. The first couple of days, it was very hard for him to adjust. There were only two of his cousins on his father's side that he knew and now he will be meeting more than 10 cousins on my side. The adjustment is torturing for everyone is dying to hang out with him. 

It took days for my son to adjust the huge clan he had in the Philippines. So, in order for him to remember them all. I took some memorable pictures with them during our vacation in Gensan. 

At SM Mall...December 2013 with sisters and their kids...just strolling 

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What a sweet memory! I'm sure he will remember his cousins in Philippines through those photos!

Meeting lots of cousins can be an overwhelming experience for your son, but after couple of days, he got adjusted, so it's alright. My kids have few cousins here, and I know that when we go visit (whenever that may be ) they will be shocked on how much relatives they are going to meet in the Philippines :) December 2012 you mean right?

Liza Barnett

When I was a little girl I always enjoy the company of my cousins. We did lots of fun things together back home.

I bet he was the center of attention among the cousins hehehe. Cute bonding!

It looks like you folks had a fantastic trip!

reminds me of my own philippine vacation for 3 months recently. :) cute kiddos by the way...

and until now, as long as they have to see each other through skype, that bond might not be that strong at least they get to know each other more

that's true, my son undergo with the relatives there were plenty of cousins and aunties and grandparents they have in PI.. yes december 2012

cousins are our first friends until we grow up and decides to look for another path...

all the time, however, he never liked it at all..he would rather not be noticed

It's the most fun ever..thanks

thank you..when was you're 3 mons vacay sis? last year diba?

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