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Feb 13, 2013

Vacation update

January 7- Monday.. Still another rainy day. Don't know when will we have a shiny day. Chaos chicken pox is going away. Got a dried stuff and he is sleeping well at night. Planned to see the destroyed tourist spot in New Bataan, but it wasn't a success. Being lazy at home lately.

8 freaking comments:

Oh man, Chicken pox were the worst!

Being sick on vacation is no fun :/ We had stomach flu and strep throat on our vacation.

Oh, I rememeber having Chicken Pox--ITCHY!!!! My Dad made me wear white gloves so I would not end up with scars on my face!!

Goodness, chicken pox is no fun. The same thing happened to my son about 25 years ago. Vacation chicken pox

Oh no, I got those when I was about 8 years old and they hurt and itch so bad..

I could not imagine Chicken Pox, my kids were both vaccinated for it so hoping they never have to suffer.

it's true, but knowing that you will be immune is one great thing for having the disease

I am sorry about his chicken pox, it's not cool at all. I only have one kid left that didn't have the pox yet and I hope that she won't get it. she's been vaccinated for it when she was little though.

Liza Barnett

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