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Feb 11, 2013

Riding on a Train

Riding in a Train with my son and my older nephew Troy. This happened on the 3rd day spending time with my sister together with her family in Manila. We happen to visit our cousin who worked in this mall, since it was her work hours we waited her strolling and this time, I have decided to take my son and nephew for a ride on this train.

This is really intended for kids to be amuse while you are in the mall. Very slow ride and only takes at least 5 minutes back and forth. I guess my son loves the ride and he was very cooperative when the crew says not to put their hands and head outside the seat.

When we get into our seat, he immediately sits down and waited. Very obedient and behave one too.

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My son would LOVE this and I would have a hard tie getting him to get off the train!

My son used to love these rides in the mall. Like Cyndie said it is hard to get them off the ride some times.

What a great thing to have in a mall where kids can definitely get edgy and impatient.

I have always wanted to rid eon one of these trains, they look so fun.

My little one would never get off!

When my son was younger he was so fascinated by trains, but he would never go on one.

My son would love that (so would I)

Aw, what a sweet little boy! I bet my daughter would love the ride too. Will do this the next time when we go to the mall.

Awww what fun! Looks like a fun train ride!

My little one and I love riding on a train too. IT's fun.

I've seen one like that in Beaver, PA Mall, I thought that was neat.

We actually have that in our mall here :-) parents have to ride with their kids ...

Adorable. My son loves riding stuff like this!

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