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Feb 20, 2013

January 8: update

January 8: we finally went to New Bataan where the calamity happened. On our way to the spot, we've seen debris from the typhoon. Trees being uprooted from the ground, banana plantation that has been destroyed, roads full of debris from the flash flood and the houses being wiped out because of the heavy wind and rain. Unbelievable to see how Mother Nature can destroy something a human being built for weeks and even months.

When we reached the place where the famous Bamboo Resort, it was totally washed out. It was now gone and is replaced by those gigantic stones which comes from the upper area. The River that was supposed to be on the other side is now flowing in the middle of the place. 

The road was cut off and been replaced by more rocks. The other amazing thing happened was that the Catholic Church hasn't been washed away and only been destroyed some part of the building. 

It is sad to hear from those kids who had experienced the tragedy and lucky enough to survive the said flash flood and the tornado.

Before we left...we spare some of the money that I have collected from the generous people elsewhere. For that small amount it can help them with goods or even things they needed at home.

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This is so sad. I haven't been to Bamboo Resort yet and it's unfortunate that I would never have the chance to go there.

Mother Nature is not always kind. Tornado's have torn apart towns in the United States as well--And flash flooding--you really have to be watchful of that. It is so nice of you to have collected funds to try and help the people there.

That is so sad. I have seen many of the catastrophic effects of mother nature, all too closely.

Wow sounds scary, Glad you are ok

Wow! I bet that was scary! I am in hurricane prone area,

That was nice of you to give some donation to the needy.

I am so sorry to hear this. It is so sad and devastating it was very nice of you to contribute to the cause.

I have visited places that were devastated by storms and it is always so hard to see, they will never e the same. I am glad you could help a little while there, it is amazing how a little amount of money will go a long way for people in need.

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