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Feb 5, 2013

Got a mild fever

Chaos is sick, got a mild fever. Thinking it was due to the long travel from Gensan to Compostela Valley.. In the afternoon he started to itch some parts of his body... Then it scattered all over his body. He got a mild chickenpox, gave him some medicine.

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Hope all is well now! Fever is not good.

Even mild chicken pox can make you feel miserable and itchy!! Hope he gets over it soon!

Ugh! My son got the chicken pox from the vaccination. It is miserable.

Chicken pox is no fun at any age. Poor thing hope it does not get too bad.

getting is no fun.:( i hope he'll get better soon.

Hope he feels better soon, I do not like when my baby is sick. He's not a baby no more, but still mine :)

My son has a high fever. I hope your son is all well now!

I hope Chaos is well now. We brought our son to the hospital yesterday for an XRay, he hurt his fingers playing basketball.

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